About us


The Indian origin Tamil community brought in to Sri Lanka about 200 years back to commence Tea/Coffee Plantations in the central and hill country.

Although they were brought in as temporary residents, they continued to reside in Sri Lanka permanently. Out of 200 years almost for 170 years this community did not have voting rights. After continuous struggle they were recognized as permanent citizens of Sri Lanka and granted voting rights 30 years back , ie. Year 1987.

However, they were continuously treated as isolated, suppressed and neglected community where their generation was deprived of basic human needs such as proper accommodation, education, health, sanitary, roads, transport, sports, poor wages, to ensure children’s rights etc. The malnutritional levels among this community too is alarming.

Though this foundation was formed mainly to uplift the neglected community of Indian origin, we have no distinction of cast, community, religion, class or greed and treat all communities in the areas alike in need. To achieve the goal the Board of Directors of this foundation need assistance from funding organizations worldwide. The foundation invites and greatly appreciates the contributions and participations of all well wishers in any manner possible. The Chairman of this foundation Hon. A. Aravindh Kumar being a Member of Parliament of Sri Lanka was instrumental in submitting the bill in the Parliament and to form up this incorporated foundation.


To improve the quality of life standard of the backward Indian origin Tamil community who are suppressed from many basic human privileges whilst supporting neighbouring communities.